The Osu Children's Home in Ghana had its origins from a child Care Society which operated from Kaneshie a suburb of Accra where the Cripples Home is now located. The society was established in 1949 by a Norwegian Lady and some Ghanaian women to care for orphans and vulnerable children. The numbers of these children increased over time and as a result of industrialization and urbanization.

In 1962, the society was taken over by the then Government of Ghana and was placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Social Welfare and gazetted as such, it was then moved to its present location at Labone to give Care and Protection to children exposed to the moral and Physical Danger and renamed the Osu children's home.

  • Population

    Currently, there are 200 children in the home aged 0-23 years. The Numbers fluctuate since children are reunited with families, others go on adoption whilst fosterage is encouraged and new admissions made.

    Our staff comprises of ;

    Social Workers
    Caregivers known as housemothers and a house father
    A Nurse
    A Paediatrician specialist (on secondment from the Ministry of Health)
    Clinical Psychologist
    Supporting Staff
    Casual Workers
    Volunteers (Please email us if you want to volunteer at Our Home)

    To VOLUNTEER through an agency or for available volunteering projects in Ghana, please.


    Our Vision

    To fully reintegrate all children admitted into the home into the mainstream of society.


    To Provide children in the home with approriate care through laid down regulations and procedures to afford them hope for a better future.


    Inadequate funding.
    The need for the expansion of some of the facilities in the home.
    Over aged vehicle which is putting a drain on the home's resources due to regular maintenance.
    Meanwhile personnel of the Home despite the challenges continue to do thier best in providing the needed care throughout the various developmental stages of the children's life in a friendly environment.